We offer on-line booking for some of your appointments.

You can book regular 10 minute appointments for follow-up or a new problem. Please remember that there might not be time to discuss multiple issues in one appointment. If you have several things to talk about, you will need to book an additional appointment on another day. Please call the office if you want to book a physical exam or pap test.

Pre-natal Exams – You need to call the office to book your 1st pre-natal appointment, but all your follow-up ones can be booked on-line.

You can book growth check-ups & immunization appointments for your babies & children. Mom’s we have allowed you to book more than one appointment in a day so you can book all your children without having to log-in separately for each. Please book each appointment under your name, but note in the reason section which child it is & what they are being seen for. Please remember you need a separate appointment for each child. You can also book your children for other issues – please follow the same guidelines if booking more than 1 person.

You do not need to Phone – Just Show up!
Monday to Friday one of the doctors will be available to see our patients on a walk-in basis from 9:30 to 11:30 am. The doctor will see you for urgent medical problems such as acute injuries or illness, rashes or quick prescriptions renewals that do not require a longer medical exam.

Dr. Farmer, Dr. Ferguson and Dr. McLachlan deliver babies.
They are accepting new patients for maternity and post-partum care.

We provide childhood immunizations, allergy shots and vaccines for our patients.

We provide Driver’s License examinations, First-Aid examinations, Camp & School form examinations. There is a fee for these services as they are not covered by MSP.